Sunday, August 21, 2011

Korean Movies are Awesome!

I just felt I had to reiterate this point after the movie I watched last night. If you've never seen a Korean movie before... *Korean slap*.... You'll understand later. By far though, these movies have the best story lines, best cinamatography, most brutality, and lowest budget. Suck on that CG! The movie I watched last night was "The Man From Nowhere". Simply put, it's a complex tale of revenge. If you ever see me in public and I'm being overly nice or overly apologetic to Korean people, it's cause HOLY SHIT do they know revenge! Watch their movies and cringe.
3 simple things I learned from Korean movies:
1. Great story beats awesome effects hands down, any day.
2. Guns? Screw guns! Knives are the scariest, most brutal instruments of death.
3. The Korean slap is the greatest thing in cinema... EVER!

Anyway, that's my random 2 cents for this morning.   

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