Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mr. Teslastein

People come up with some of the strangest ideas in the middle of the night. When you pair this up with someone who is really thirsty and doesn't really like just drinking water, what do you get?..... "Gatorang!" That's right, in case you haven't figured it out, this invention is the mixture of powdered Gatorade and Tang. Its amazing qualities of electrolytes and tart flavor gave my brain an awesome kick to come up with all sorts of other new ideas! Like just now I thought up this idea for a robot maid, but she's unique cause she talks like she's from Jersey...... And that's The Jetsons..... I'm going to bed.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Korean Movies are Awesome!

I just felt I had to reiterate this point after the movie I watched last night. If you've never seen a Korean movie before... *Korean slap*.... You'll understand later. By far though, these movies have the best story lines, best cinamatography, most brutality, and lowest budget. Suck on that CG! The movie I watched last night was "The Man From Nowhere". Simply put, it's a complex tale of revenge. If you ever see me in public and I'm being overly nice or overly apologetic to Korean people, it's cause HOLY SHIT do they know revenge! Watch their movies and cringe.
3 simple things I learned from Korean movies:
1. Great story beats awesome effects hands down, any day.
2. Guns? Screw guns! Knives are the scariest, most brutal instruments of death.
3. The Korean slap is the greatest thing in cinema... EVER!

Anyway, that's my random 2 cents for this morning.   

Thursday, August 20, 2009

My first mobile blog!

I found this mildly amusing so I had to try it out being a geek and all.

The Simple Things in Life

The other night I decided that I was going to make myself some nachos, The snack of champions. I pretty much had everything I needed.... chips, salsa, jalapenos, chili paste, shredded chicken, BBQ sauce, (yes, these are things I put on my nachos) and a brand new unopened bag of cheese that I had just bought. Well, as I pull the bag out of the fridge I look at the top of the bag where I see the words, "Easy Open. Re-sealable Packaging." Now, I love re-sealable packaging, but I saw something else on the bag that I felt contradicted their statement of, "Easy Open." At the top of the bag was a dotted line with words on the left hand side stating, "Cut Here." Now, I don't know about you, but I don't carry scissors around in my back pocket. I also don't find much joy in searching every drawer in the kitchen, only to finally give up and take stabs at the bag with a knife. This is not, "Easy Open." They should change this to, "Openable" along with a picture like you would find on most Wii games.... implying "Requires Scissors." A true "Easy Open" package should have a small notch in the side near the top, followed by the words, "TEAR Here." Get with the program cheese!